*These are the main brands and products we use with our service and installations, complete product description and details can be found on the manufacturer's websites. We recommend that you always do your homework before you purchase a product. We only sell trusted name brands and products. If you don't see the product you're interested in here, call us for more information, availability and pricing. 

Air Filtration

Honeywell  *F-Series Air Filters
FH8000 Series Filters
Honeywell FH8000 Series
FH8000 Series 
(3 step filtration)
Mod FH8000 F1625
Mod FH8000 F2025

F500 Series
F500 Series 
(Hepa filter system) 
Mod F500B 1009 
F300 Series Filters
F300 Series
F300 Series
(1 year replaceable media)
Mod F300E1001 - 16x20
Mod F300E1019 - 16x25
Mod F300E1027 - 20x20
Mod F300E 1035 - 20x25 

F200 Series Filters
F200 Series
F200 Series
(1 year replaceable media)
Mod F200E 1003 -16x20
Mod F200E 1029 - 16x25
Mod F200E 1011 - 20x20
Mod F200E 1037 - 20x25 

F100 Filters
F100 Series
F100 Series
(1 year replaceable media)
Mod F100F 2002 - 16X25
Mod F100F 2010 - 20x25
Mod F100F 2028 - 16x20
Mod F100F 2028 - 20x20 

Aprilaire  *4000,5000,2000 &                                    1000 Series 
5000 Series Filters
Aprilaire 5000 Series
5000 Series
Mod 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner 
4000 Series Filters
Aprilaire 4000 Series
4000 Series
(1 year replaceable media)
Mod 4400 whole house air cleaner
Mod 4200 whole house air cleaner 
Mod 2210 whole house air cleaner
Mod 2410 whole house air cleaner

2000 Series Filters
Aprilaire 2000 Series
2000 Series
(1 year replaceable media)
Mod 2410 whole house air cleaner
Mod 2310 whole house air cleaner
Mod 2210 whole house air cleaner
1000 Series Filters
Aprilaire 1000 Series
1000 Series
(1 year replaceable media)
Mod 1410 whole house air cleaner
Mod 1210 whole house air cleaner

Skuttle  *DB Series
DB Series Filters
Skuttle DB Series
DB Series
(1 year replaceable media) 
Mod DB25-16 16x25
Mod DB25-20 20x20
Mod DB25-25 20x25 

* These products cannot be purchased online as you would an online store and are shown here for informational purposes only. Any product purchased from us, includes installation and cannot be purchased without labor, with the exception of replacement filters, handling charges will apply. 

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