Ducane™  95V l 95E l 95% l 92% l 80E l 80% l 80% Horizontal


Ducane™ 80V 80% AFUE GAS FURNACE  

AFUE-Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
SEER-Seasonal Energy Efficiency rating

Temperature Control Comparison (24-hour day)
• 2-Stage Heating Control
• Variable Speed Air Deliver
Proper sizing and installation of equipment is critical to achieve optimal performance. Ask your contractor for details.

10-year limited parts warranty. Lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty!*

 Applies to residential applications only. See full warranty at www.alliedair.com for terms, conditions and exclusions.

†  Cumulative gas usage savings based on 2008 National Residential Retail Average Natural Gas price 

of $1.35 per thousand cubic feet, per US Department of Energy. Based on 100,000 btuh inputs and 
assuming 60% AFUE for existing unit. Actual costs may vary on systems settings, equipment installation 
and maintanence, duct system, local climate, local utility rates and hours of operation.

Note: Due to Allied Air Enterprises’ ongoing commitment to quality, all specifications, ratings and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
80% AFUE Rating 
Upgrading your old model furnace with a new higher AFUE-rated furnace could save you significantly on your energy bills. 

Variable Speed Blower While operating in continuous fan, variable speed can save up to 2/3 on electric usage. When properly matched to a condensing unit, variable 
speed can increase the SEER rating of your cooling system, which saves you energy and money
Variable Speed Blower In continuous fan  operation, variable speed provides more even temperatures in the home. During summer, the variable speed motor moves air slowly over the indoor coil to reduce humidity.

Two-Stage Operation Runs at low capacity during mild weather, saving you fuel and money. Automatically switches over to full capacity to keep you warm on colder days
Aluminized Steel Heat Exchangers
Reliable, corrosion resistant,and guaranteed for the life of the furnace.

100% Run-Tested in Factory Each unit undergoes a thorough, rigorous inspection and performance test before leaving the factory.

Sealed Service Doors
Reduces burner and air noise.

Anti- Vibration Blower Assembly Reduces noise typically associated with starts and stops.
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Ducane™  95V l 95E l 95% l 92% l 80E l 80% l 80% Horizontal
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