Featuring the Observer™ Communicating System

Heil DXC 16 SEER Condensor


R410A is an EPA-approved, environmentally sound refrigerant.


Communicating Comfort
The Heil® QuietComfort® DXC Air Conditioner featuring the Observer™ communicating system is designed to take your home to a new level of comfort and efficiency. Teamed with our Observer communicating wall control and the appropriate indoor coil or gas furnace, the QuietComfort DXC functions as part of a complete communicating home comfort system. Various components of the system "talk" to each other electronically, fine-tuning comfort levels while maximizing energy savings.

Built with premium components for quiet performance. The compressor is mounted using an isolation system and shielded with a sound blanket to minimize compressor noise. The unit’s aerodynamic air discharge design also reduces operating sound.

Exceptionally durable steel cabinet with corrosion-resistant, appliance-grade paint. Filter drier removes moisture from the refrigerant and safeguards the long-term reliability of the refrigeration system.

  • 16 SEER rating could save up to 37% compared to an older 10 SEER unit.
* See published warranty for complete details.

Observer™ Communicating Wall Control
The QuietComfort DXC Air Conditioner featuring the Observer communicating system functions as part of a complete communicating home comfort system that includes the Observer communicating wall control (with full-color touchscreen technology), compatible indoor coil, and system accessories to create maximum efficiency and ideal comfort.


Warranties To Ease Your Mind
Heil units are backed by exceptional warranties*, including our No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty, which gives the original purchaser a replacement unit if the compressor or outdoor coil should fail due to defect within the first five years. You also get a 10 year parts limited warranty upon timely registration.

*Timely registration required for 10 year limited parts warranty. Limited warranty period is 5 years for parts if not registered within 90 days of installation. Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration will receive the registered limited warranty periods. Please see warranty certificate for further details and restrictions.

It’s All About Efficiency
This represents one of the smartest choices for efficiency. The 16 SEER† rating means you’re rewarded with savings on your utility costs, month after month, especially when compared to older, less efficient systems.

†SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

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