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The Key Benefit Of Owning A Maintenance Agreement:

"Peace Of Mind" 

The Reason Why You Should:

Statistically, 30% of installed cooling systems will have some type of failure within the first seven years of use. The main reason for the failure is because the system hasn't been maintained, and the extreme weather spotlighted the "dirty little culprit", and the primary cause of the problem; "dirty coils", due to lack of maintenance.

The situation is very much the same for heating problems, also, generally caused from not cleaning the gas fired furnace, but in this case, the culprit can cause a dangerous condition, "carbon monoxide"; a silent killer that may not give ample warning that you're life is in jeopardy. Purchasing a maintenance agreement is purchasing peace of mind, knowing that when you use your heating and cooling system, that you can depend on it to work well, and safely. Contact us today, to purchase your Energy Saving Preventative Maintenance Agreement.

Energy Saving Preventative Maintenance Agreement:

Our Energy Savings Preventative Maintenance Agreement (ESPMA) entitles the customer to a semi-annual cleaning of their central air conditioning and heating system, performed by a qualified technician, a 15% discount on repairs, priority scheduling during peak seasons, 10% discount on replacement equipment and regular business hours rate, whereas you never pay overtime rates on weekends, holidays or after normal hours.

Additional benefits of owning an "Energy Savings Preventative Maintenance Agreement":
Lower utility costs, system longevity, improved efficiency and capacity, and a significantly decreased chance of system failure, when the weather is at an extreme and you need it the most.  Our customers who own an (ESPMA), can always be assured of their system working properly whatever the weather might be. 
These are photos of poorly maintained systems, all of which are in the seven year time frame. When coils get dirty, the air-flow is restricted and heat transfer can be greatly reduced, causing poor system performance. When these conditions occur, system failure is inevitable.

Clogged Evaporator Coil
Dirty evaporator coils.
Dirty evaporator coil, greatly affects air-flow and heat transfer, usually causing the system to freeze up.
Clogged Condensor Coil
Dirty condenser coils.
Dirty condenser coils, again affects heat transfer, and causes the compressor to have to work harder to transfer heat, and possibly burn out.
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