Any brand of heat pump and gas fired furnace can be combined to complete a hybrid heating system. Although it can be done with even the standard 13 SEER heat pump, it is more beneficial and recommended to have a heat pump with a SEER rating of at least 16 SEER, along with a minimum of a two stage 80%+ AFUE gas furnace, in order to pay for itself in a reasonable length of time and provide you with enough energy savings to be worth your while.

The Advantages of Hybrid Heating Systems
Using the same concept as hybrid vehicles, hybrid heating systems use a combination of fossil fuel and electricity as their source of energy. This increases efficiency of the heating system and reduces dependency on fossil fuels such as natural gas. Hybrid heating systems use an electric heat pump when it gets cold and a gas furnace when it gets very cold. Hybrid systems switch between the two systems depending on the temperature.

Less Fossil Fuel Usage
The main idea behind the hybrid technology used in hybrid heating systems is to reduce the usage and dependency of fossil fuels such as natural gas. Fossil fuel resources are becoming depleted and the only solution is to slowly wean off from using them. Hybrid technology is ideal as it reduces the usage of fossil fuels while delivering the efficiency of a fossil fuel only heating system.

Money Savings
Although hybrid heating systems cost about $1000 more than normal heating systems, this is a small price to pay when you compare the resulting cost savings in energy consumption. With the increasing cost of natural gas, it is becoming more and more expensive to run a gas heating system. An electric air pump is less expensive to operate, as it brings in heat already present in the air outside. This system works best when the air is slightly chilly.

Energy Efficiency
A hybrid system switches between the two technologies depending on the temperature of the room or house. The temperature switching point is set by the user depending on his or her comfort level. When it gets too cold, the hybrid system switches from electricity to gas furnace and delivers blasts of hot air in intervals. With this technology, the gas furnace is not used unless absolutely necessary.

Environmentally Friendly
Hybrid systems are good for the environment, as they reduce fossil fuels and wasted energy.

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